An Old Kind of Heresy

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It does not now seem to them inconsistent for people to stoutly maintain the doctrines of their own communion while not regarding as heretics those who hold different views. The Roman Catholic Church, too, draws a distinction between those who willfully and persistently adhere to doctrinal error and those who embrace it through no fault of their own—e.

Could Islam Be Called a Heresy?

Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. Read More on This Topic. Christianity: Aversion of heresy: the establishment of orthodoxy. Already in apostolic times, distortions of belief threatened the Christian community from within. The Apostle Paul needed to correct those…. Facts Matter.

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Christianity and its Persecution of Heretics

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. New Age believers are confident that they are able to bring about the transformation of the old to the new world order. If we are God and if we create our own values then we can indeed master the future.

Heresy Quotes (98 quotes)

In fact, that is exactly the purpose of the entire project of the New Age movement as expressed by a few of its spokespersons in the following statements. William Irwin Thompson: "Now as we stand poised at the edge of a great transformation, we are prophetically inspired and politically armoured as never before" William Irwin Thompson, in Groothuis, David Spangler: "As we enter the New Age, what we are entering into is a cycle, a period of time, a period of unfoldment when truly humanity is the world initiate, the world saviour, and ultimately it is upon the shoulders of humanity that the future and the translation for the entry into light of this planet rest" David Spangler, in Martin, Marilyn Ferguson: "Rich as we are—together—we can do anything.

We have it within our power to make peace within our tom selves and with each other, to heal our homeland, the Whole Earth" Ferguson, The New Age movement is filling a need among a spiritually exhausted and lost generation. And who does not long for peace, harmony, and a world from which injustice has been eliminated? Furthermore, many people are dissatisfied with a materialistic lifestyle. They long for meaning and purpose. The New Age promises all that.

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Besides, it caters to human pride when it assures us that we have the power to remake ourselves and the entire world. New Agers are convinced that the new, coming world order is not a matter of course. It requires the best efforts of all those converted to the cause—the enlightened ones.

Enlightenment occurs when people's consciousness is raised so that they are in touch with their divine Self and thus realize their unlimited potential. The key to getting in touch with the higher powers slumbering within all of us because we are part of the cosmic, divine Mind is to unlock the "prison" of our limited and physical existence and soar into the higher spiritual realm of beauty, peace, and wholeness.

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At least, such is the promise held out by those who want to herd us into the age of Aquarius. All indications are that millions of North Americans are heeding the call of the new Pied Pipers. New Agers are preoccupied with the technique of altering our state of consciousness, and at this point we enter into a land of the bizarre and absurd, that is, the secret mysteries of the occult and a revival of pagan practices that reach back to the pre-Christian era.

We are assured that reaching our higher state of consciousness is possible by tapping into the energies of crystals, colours, and the forces hidden in our bodies and various parts of the world, communicating with the dead and disembodied spirits through various forms of meditation including yoga , lucid dreams, channelling, trances, hypnosis, seances, guided visualization, out-of-the-body experiences, witchcraft, and a host of other similar practices.

But one recurring advice that should put all of us on guard can be summarized as follows: You must let go of all old beliefs and ideas regarding the difference between good and evil; your experience itself is its own justification. Even a cursory acquaintance with the techniques of the New Age mindbenders indicate that they possess formidable insight into the human psyche.

They are adept at exploiting the fears of inadequacy and failure that plague many, if not all of us some of the time. One overriding message is that we suffer from a poor self-image and therefore set ourselves up for failure and defeat. The trick is to think: of ourselves as powerful and successful and, presto, success and power will come our way. But you must work at it; it will not fall into your lap effortlessly. By absorbing the literature and unquestionably accepting the wisdom of the New Age—and, above all, by attending the numerous training sessions, seminars, and conferences that promise magically to make, as Peter Drucker put it, "a superman out of the worst wimp.

Who would not be attracted to that kind of promise? Creating the new, powerful and successful man or woman has had a variety of labels, including the human potential movement. Maslow's ideas about human nature and its hierarchy of needs, culminating in the need for self-realization, were eagerly adopted in management training circles.

Maslow wrote: "Man demonstrates in his own nature a pressure toward fuller and fuller Being, more and more perfect actualization of his humanness in exactly the same naturalistic, scientific sense that an acorn may be said to be 'pressing toward' being an oak tree.

Maslow's reputation as a respectable scientist helped pave the way for the human potential movement.

Its central ideas were eagerly joined to the concepts of the Self in the Eastern religions. This combination proved to be highly successful. It was repackaged into a training technique that appealed to the North American pragmatic desire for instant results, using a dynamic, often shocking style to jar the trainees out of their old ways of thinking about the world and themselves.

Its packaging for the classrooms of North America, however, was much more gentle, although the underlying theme of reaching one's higher Self was the same in the classroom as in the management training seminars. The technique centred on the art of visualization; in other words, students are told that they are able to create their own world by means of their imagination.

In the following we will restrict ourselves to a brief discussion of the management training seminars. There is no shortage of New Age literature to demonstrate clearly that this movement is founded on the pagan belief in the oneness of the Self and God. My Life is God. I feel my livingness within me. I feel God. Where is God? God is where I AM. God is what I AM. The Abundance Book contains this instruction: "This day I renounce my so-called humanhood and claim my divine inheritance as a Being of God.

This day I acknowledge God and only God as my substance, my supply and my support. The intention of the message is clear: you can be and do anything you want. It has obviously found many converts in the corporate world where one might expect a more cynical and hard-nosed response. Peter Drucker reported in a Wall Street Journal article that New Age infiltration into corporate America has occurred on a very large scale.

He wrote:. Werner Erhard, founder of one of the most successful training seminars of its kind, est Erhard Seminars Training , boasted that more than , had gone through its training program in the s.

Getting 'Unhitched' from the Old Testament? Andy Stanley Aims at Heresy

The numbers claimed by other similar organizations are equally impressive and reach into the hundreds of thousands. Some of the largest and most prestigious American companies have sent their managers for training into the secrets of becoming new people. What are these companies looking for when they turn their personnel over to these management training experts? Their main concern, obviously, is to increase the effectiveness of their organization and to improve their bottom line. They have been persuaded that this type of training seminar will make more productive and more effective employees and hence improve the corporation's financial performance.

But they have paid very little critical attention to the real content of these seminars. Apparently it was good enough for them to see that the training programs worked, and they were prepared to shell out millions of dollars to the new mind manipulators. Undoubtedly, people were changed—many people have testified that they became more confident and successful after they graduated from these seminars. There is no shortage of New Age literature to demonstrate clearly that this movement is founded on the pagan belief in the oneness of the Self and God. My Life is God.

I feel my livingness within me. I feel God. Where is God? God is where I AM. God is what I AM. The Abundance Book contains this instruction: "This day I renounce my so-called humanhood and claim my divine inheritance as a Being of God.