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Ina Saraswati, Msi. Grace Killis, S.

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Autism DR. Sugiarti A. Musabig, M.

Clinical Psychology

Erida Rusli, Msi. Psikopatologi Dra. Yudiana Ratnasari, MSi. Health Psychology Dra.

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Academic Unit Crisis Center. Clinical Psychology. Scientific Overview Field Study Clinical Psychology is a field of science in psychology that focuses on the effort to understand and deal with psychological problems, improve self-adjustment capability and develop a personal capacity.

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These aspects are the focus of discussion include personality, emotional, intellectual, social and environmental characteristics Develop methods for assessment to identify strengths, vulnerabilities, or psychological disorders that exist at the individual and community. Develop a psychological intervention at the level of individuals and communities, to the growth of their capacity or psychological function hampered recovery.

Clinical psychologists also serve the courts in assessing defendants or potential parolees, and others are employed by the armed forces to evaluate or treat service personnel. The training of clinical psychologists usually includes university-level study of general psychology and some clinical experience.

In the United States, New Mexico became the first state to grant psychologists the right to prescribe medications for the treatment of mental disorders. Most clinical psychologists who do not have medical degrees, however, are barred by state laws from prescribing medications. Clinical psychology. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. Facts Matter. Start Your Free Trial Today.

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Clinical psychologists, who at one time largely administered psychometric tests, also began providing psychotherapy and behaviour therapy. Psychiatric social workers also became psychotherapists and played prominent roles in mental health centres. New roles emerged for nurses, including behaviour therapy and the management of chronic mental…. Psychologists have studied the application and effects of automation, and in developing countries they have helped with the problems of rapid industrialization and human resources planning.