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Blu-ray user rating Video 3. It's the most magical time of year.

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But while many are bustling to find their children the perfect gifts, others aren't quite ready to adopt the holiday spirit. High-powered businessman Howard Langston loves his family, but he just can't seem to find enough time for wife Liz and son Jamie. But Howard will make it up to Jamie Howard's down-to-the-wire trek to find Turbo Man quickly turns into an odyssey wilder than he could have ever imagined.

In the course of his seemingly endless Yuletide misadventures, he finds himself in a no-holds-barred fight-to-the-finish with a crazed postman named Myron, who is out to claim the last Turbo Man for his own kid. Jingle All the Way Blu-ray Review Parents, please, if it a boy's toy, it is an "action figure," not a "doll! All right, maybe not.

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That honor is definitely bestowed upon Twins , a film that easily ranks among Arnold's best, period. Jingle All the Way is nevertheless a surprisingly funny and occasionally touching picture that might not have terminated the competition at the box office, but the Holiday film featuring a running man on a predatory search for the hottest-selling Christmas gift for junior and leaving behind plenty of collateral damage in his wake has certainly gotten a raw deal and taken plenty of red heat from moviegoers who frown on the strongman's comedic efforts.

Nevertheless, Arnold captures the essence of the film perfectly, as he always seems to, lending not only an imposing physical presence to the role but a healthy dose of charm, wit, and heart to an otherwise standard but highly effective and always-watchable Holiday comedy.

For a film that plays towards young male audiences, Jingle All the Way also offers enough to appeal to the adults in the audience, too, featuring a few mature themes and an impressive cast, namely comedians Sinbad First Kid , James Belushi K-9 , and the late Phil Hartman Small Soldiers in addition to star Schwarzenegger in his unique leading role.

Turbo Man: because a son's love can't be bought with anything less. Howard Langston Schwarzenegger is a loving husband and father but always gets caught up in his work, routinely forgetting and missing family events.

Jingle All the Way

Unfortunately, it's Christmas eve, Turbo Man is the hottest toy in the history of toys, and not a single one is to be found around town. In his frantic search for the gift, Howard continues to run into a rival father named Myron Sinbad , himself on the prowl for the Turbo Man action figure.

With the competition fierce and the possibility of finding the toy become less likely as time quickly runs out, Howard may be faced with the possibility of disappointing his son one last time -- or finding a way to give him a gift bigger and better than any action figure out there. Jingle All the Way succeeds because it captures both extremes of the Christmas season well, playing on the rough-and-tumble, "gotta have it" mentality that surrounds the latest and greatest fad with a rather touching message on the importance of family, both, of course, draped in heavy comedic overtones.

Every Christmas season seems to unwrap yet another must-have toy, whether it be Tickle Me Elmo, the Nintendo Wii, or in this case, Turbo Man, a generic red-clad action hero plucked from yet another tacky television show reminiscent of the look and feel of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers shows, from what may be gleaned by the few glimpses of the fictitious "Turbo Man" television program this film's audiences are privy to throughout the movie. The film never misses a beat in Arnold's search for the action figure referred to as a "doll" throughout.

The hijinks and extremism of last-minute shopping are captured with zany results and reminding more technologically-savvy audiences of the beauty of e-mail alerts and one-click online shopping particularly from Amazon. Of course, Jingle All the Way would be nothing more than an extended skit satirizing the rough-and-tumble Holiday shopping season if it weren't for the film's message on the importance of family and giving, particularly during Christmas. Jingle All the Way successfully brings its story full circle in an emotionally satisfying climax that makes the film worthwhile.

Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to Jingle All the Way. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Jingle All the Way in the search box below. Christmas with the Kranks. Fox Home Entertainment has announced the technical specs and special features for the upcoming Blu-ray releases of 'Home Alone' and 'Jingle All the Way', both due to hit store shelves on December 2nd. Both titles will come on BDs featuring 1. As this not an official announcement by the studio, technical specs and special He talks to his wife Liz Rita Wilson like she's a customer, he misses the big karate performance of his young son Jake Lloyd, whose acting here reveals his work as Episode I 's Anakin Skywalker to be a big improvement , and he's never really around for either.

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He plans on making it up to his son by buying him his most-desired Christmas item, an action figure of Turbo Man, a superhero who's established in an opening "TV show" sequence that's as cheesy as a "Power Rangers" excerpt. Unfortunately, it's Christmas Eve, the stores have long sold out of the toy, and Howard's just lied to Liz that he's already gotten it.

Clearly, the movie thinks highly of the comedic value of having Howard run around fighting fellow shoppers for the one thing that can redeem him in his family's eyes. Rather than actually spending the day before Christmas with his wife and son, he takes part in the last hours of the seasonal commercial blitz. Along the way, he encounters a mailman named Myron Larabee Sinbad who is also on the prowl for a Turbo Man figure. Myron emerges more as a nemesis than an ally, as the movie follows Howard's increasingly painful and insipid trek for the doll, from toy shops to the Mall of America to a warehouse where dozens of mall Santa Clauses run a black market.

Back home, mother and son prepare for the annual Wintertainment Parade, while, in Howard's absence, handy divorced dad neighbor Ted Phil Hartman, bringing the smarm moves in on the clan. The movie's last third is devoted to the elaborate parade, which showcases characters from the '90s Fox Kids lineup in addition to those from Turbo Man's universe.

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The final act is so illogical and overdone that it maintains the sour cheerlessness which precedes it. There's nary a redeeming characteristic in sight. The premise alone makes it clear that Jingle All the Way is not destined for greatness.

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Still, as someone who ranks several Christmas comedies among his all-time favorite films, I'm surprised that revisiting it after several years, I both remember this movie in some detail and can still so easily dismiss it as rubbish. I can't count myself among Schwarzenegger's biggest fans and it's no accident that I haven't seen many of his comedies in full. But even overlooking the genre and leading man leaves me with three good reasons to expect more out of Jingle All the Way : Sinbad, Phil Hartman, and Chris Columbus.

The two funnymen were not far removed from their pairing in the terrific comedy Houseguest and Hartman would have made this in his penultimate hiatus from the brilliant "NewsRadio. As for producer Columbus, he directed the biggest Christmas comedy ever in Home Alone and should have enough sense and experience to guide Jingle toward at least the modest heights of its Manhattan-set sequel.

A tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger's incredible performance in Jingle All the Way

One expects more out of mid-'90s Columbus than director Brian Levant, who earned a Razzie nomination here and in the years prior and since has done his part to keep a stigma attached to live-action family comedies. It made its format debut in November of , just before the second anniversary of its theatrical release.

In March of , the DVD joined the class of those that are actively pulled from store shelves. No mere Disney-esque sales gimmick, the discontinuation resulted from legal action. Somehow, I think were millions of dollars not involved, there would have been no push to claim authorship of this wreck. The movie always bore the same contents.

A sticker on the front of the slipcover proclaims this DVD offers an "All-New Extended Edition with over 20 minutes of footage not seen in theaters!

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