Listen to the Silence - a 10 minute short story

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William Tell. Butterflies are Free. Circumstantial Evidence.

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All Around the Kitchen Table. Amanda and Horace. Stories of Bullying: Pippy vs. Big Betty Barry. A Pet for Sugar. Repairing Fences and Friendships. Heights Elementary Cupcake Wars. The House on Maple Street. Silent Shepherd. These online short stories are a wonderful way to teach life lessons, reinforce good choices, model positive morals and open the door to talk about life's difficulties such as sickness or death. Institute a short story night in your home this week, and if your older children roll their eyes at you just smile, they will learn to love that special time with you.

Let your child be your guide, but continue to read out loud to them as well as making sure they are reading on their own. Swiss Family Robinson. Huckleberry Finn. Tom Sawyer.

Black Beauty. Chronicles of Narnia. The Borrowers. Indian in the Cupboard. Because of Winn Dixie. It's a little edgier, about a boy trying to solve his father's murder and always getting into life threatening predicaments. Boys this age seems to love it, my son did. In today's short episode I tell a story of success that anyone can replicate. Today we meet a guy who is planning to go full-time with his Amazon business very soon. He's not afraid to hustle and has some great stories to share and tips too!

This is a can't miss episode! All notes are found at SilentJim. Today's guest is a teacher who launched a simple private label product to help kids learn math and it's fun for adults, too! Learn about her journey and the hurdles she cleared on the way to building a business that's getting momentum! She's a PAC student on a mission. You'll love her story!

Links SilentJim. Stick around for that short segment! For those who are new and overwhelmed, this episode is for you. Maybe you've been selling online awhile and you are totally reliant on Amazon. This is also for you. How can you build multiple income streams? What are the challenges you'll face along the way? Is there a set of skills I'll need in order to do this? All these questions get answered in this short episode. All links can be found at SilentJim. Joe was a teacher looking for extra income just a couple short years ago, and now he's running a highly profitable business on Amazon with a twist!

He started out as a ProvenAmazonCourse. Today we meet Joe Kovacs. He and his wife are about to have child 4 and they work from how together running a very successful online business! Today you'll meet our coaching student also a ProvenAmazonCourse. We'll cover simple, powerful "hacks" that he's discovered while using his free Amazon app. This is content that we should be charging money to share!

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Everything from a simple strategy for searching Amazon without any tools or software to find hidden opportunity, to how to think properly about building an online business. While we know that you'll find great content in all of our previous episodes, you'll find this episode very useful - especially if you are a new listener to our show! Notes at SilentJIm. After a particularly eventful day in a very positive way where it seemed opportunities and good news were finding me almost effortlessly, I put some thought into why it is that more days than not feel like that recently.

Here's my conclusion Allow me to explain. Notes at silentjim.

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Jim speaks from the heart about the opportunity landscape regarding college degrees and online business opportunities. It's self education versus formal education in this episode. Where do you stand on the issue? In today's episode Jim goes through several great free resources and zero cost tactics that you should be using in order to either begin seeing results, or dramatically increase your results in your Amazon selling business! The first two are timeless, the third has an interesting twist in my opinion when you consider the times we live in. In this super short episode I give you all three and tell you why you'd be wise NOT to ignore building your online commerce skills.

I spent the day today randomly calling people from our student community and here's a secret I uncovered that I hope challenges you. It's a free resource that's right under your nose and you probably aren't using it anywhere near its potential.

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Today Jim interviews a guy who has developed a system for finding and building relationships with wholesalers. Along with his partner Eric, Dan who you'll meet today has built an incredible business and it's not complex to explain or duplicate. You'll enjoy the highly actionable strategies and tactics from this wholesale sourcing training episode!

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Jim was recently asked to record a training session on the topic of the power of building relationships for business success. In this training he shares the timeless truths that have served the most successful leaders and business builders of all time. Being intentional, proactive and creative in your relational efforts is vital and your business will flourish if you do it right.

This training session gives specifics and plenty of examples. Today we meet ProvenAmazonCourse.

John Cage’s art of noise.

She's working full time at a job as is her husband and they have a toddler, but in their spare time they are putting thousands of dollars per month in the bank in profit from their Amazon business. Hear the story and be inspired! Did you know that you ARE allowed to contact customers on Amazon and request a review?

Today's guest is Jeff Cohen with SellerLabs and we review the rules of what is and isn't allowed. There are two types of people who really should attend our upcoming TheProvenConference. Are you asking the right questions about your business? Do you feel isolated while building your business? In this episode we'll discuss the industry impacting benefits of our community event and help you decide if you should attend.

Show notes SilentJim. Less than two years ago Jim was approached by a young man at his church who was curious about Amazon selling. Jim connected him with the ProvenAmazonCourse. Meet Morgan Booher. Morgan had no internet business experience prior to taking the PAC course, but has now built a healthy business using the basic RA strategies that he shares here.

Morgan has hired his wife and mom to help in his exploding business. An encouraging episode! Local connections and relationships are vital to the stability and long term success of your business as well as your own sanity! Ignore this advice at your own peril! It's quite likely that your biggest opportunities are right under your nose even if you are trying to build an online business! Today we meet a full-time college student who is selling a healthy five figures monthly as his side gig while taking classes!

He's using the wholesale sourcing strategies taught in the ProvenAmazonCourse. He only started about 10 months ago, but he dove in! Guest Noah Cook. Which opportunity should you pursue? The "boring" profits of selling random widgets on Amazon, or that passion project you've always wanted to tackle?

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