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Democrats are a far more diverse party. From to , white men who attended church frequently were 6 percentage points more likely to be a Democrat than a Republican. From to , they were 43 points more likely to be Republican.

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The party identification of young, unmarried women stayed about the same — but the average American became significantly more likely to identify as Republican, magnifying the difference between these two groups. Polarization has also made voters hesitant to support politicians willing to cooperate with the other side, contributing to legislative gridlock. Worse, the alignment of party preferences with personal identities has fostered ugly, tribal politics.

Voters today like their own party less than ever, but are motivated by their even stronger dislike of the other party. Wronski said. The partisan gap between black and white voters is the most durable and powerful split in modern American politics. Afterward, the Republicans courted racist white voters by opposing school and housing integration. Among white people, religion is the most stable and important determinant of party choice.

But the way religion shapes party attachment has changed. Today, the best way to sort the population of white voters is not by which religion they belong to, but by how religious they are. Since at least the s, black Americans have overwhelmingly preferred the Democrats. White people have moved toward the Republicans. Historically, white Catholics and Jews were more likely to be Democrats than Protestants.

But the gap has shrunk as Catholics have moved to the center. The number of religious white Americans is plummeting. In the long term, that spells disaster for Republicans. The party knows this. Or at least it should.

After Republicans lost the election, the party leadership commissioned a report on how to move forward. One answer was clear: appeal to nonwhite and less conservative voters. But in the years since, the Republicans — led by Mr.

Vintage MacArthur: Bible Questions and Answers, Part 4, June 1976

Trump — have doubled down on white identity politics and seem to believe that their path to a majority is through gerrymandering, voter suppression or attempts to skew the census. College-educated white people have left the Republican Party over the past decade, but higher-income voters are, as ever, disproportionately Republican. Wealthier people tend to be more educated, too, but now these forces push in opposite directions. That complicates the traditional relationship between Democrats and the white working class. For decades, working-class people voted for Democrats, but recently, the difference in party affiliation between the white working class and other white people has evaporated.

This trend, experts say, might make it difficult for the Democratic presidential nominee to mobilize voters by appealing to working-class identity. Republicans traditionally won college-educated white voters, and Democrats those with a high school degree or less. That has reversed. Higher income still predicts stronger Republican affiliation. But middle-income voters have drifted away from the Democrats.

Democrats were historically the party of the working class. Where in England was the sitcom Bread based? Can you name the sitcom starring Roger Lloyd Pack and Clive Swift, who play Tom and Roy who live together and lust over their neighbour Sally, first broadcast in ?

Can you name the actor who played Timothy Lumsden in the sitcom Sorry? Which sitcom featured a painter called Jacko, who was a womaniser from South London? Which club won the FA Cup final? Which goalkeeper holds the record for winning the most caps for England, winning caps in his playing career? Who managed West Ham United between and ? Can you name the Sheffield United striker who scored the first ever Premier League goal during August in a win against Manchester United? Which Lancashire team plays their home games at Ewood Park?

Can you name the manager who took charge of the England national team in ? Which country made its debut entry in ? Can you name the country that won the competition in , , and ? In which year during the s did London host the Eurovision Song Contest? Which country won the competition for the first time in , having only made their debut entry in ? How many countries made debut entries in — five, six or seven True or false: Since , the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain have automatically qualified for the Eurovision final, regardless of their positions on the scoreboard in previous contests?

Who hosted the competition — Oslo, Helsinki or Kiev? How many decks did the RMS Titanic have?

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From where in the United Kingdom did the Titanic set off on her maiden voyage? In which ocean did the Titanic sadly sink on 15 April after hitting an iceberg? How many lifeboats did the Titanic carry — 25, 35 or 45? How long was the Titanic — Can you name the captain of the Titanic? Where in the USA was the Titanic bound for? What nationality was sculptor Alberto Giacometti? What nationality was artist Henri Matisse?

Giza Pyramid and the Great Sphinx Colosseum Angkor Wat Statue of Liberty Sydney Harbour Bridge Taj Mahal Juche Tower Water Towers Azadi Monument True or false: Your ears and nose continue to grow throughout your entire life? How many bones does a typical adult human skeleton consist of? It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to do what? What does the average human head weigh? When is your brain more active?

How many different bones are there in your skull — 26, 29 or 32? Which organ produces insulin? Can you name the two bones that are in a forearm? True or false: The average life of a taste bud is 10 days? On average, how many times does a human blink their eyes each year — 2.

How many stars are there on the Australian flag? What is the main colour on the flag of Zambia?

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Which European country has three vertical stripes, blue on the left, white in the middle and red on the right? What does the Arabic script mean on the flag of Iraq? What two colours are used on the flag of Denmark? True or false: There is a sun and four stars on the flag of Singapore? Which country has a light blue flag with one white star in the middle? Which European country has three horizontal stripes, red at the top, white middle and blue at the bottom? How many yellow stars are there on the national flag of China? First university founded in Bologna, Italy The end of the First World War First contraceptive pill made available for women William Shakespeare is born First use of modern paper Communist China founded Martin Luther launches the Reformation The end of the Second World War Genghis Khan begins his conquest of Asia Can you name the other four Jacksons who made up The Jackson 5?

Which album became the bestselling album of all time? How old was Michael when he sadly passed away in ? True or false: Michael was the eighth of ten children? In which year did Michael receive a Star on the Hollywood Boulevard? Which song did Michael release in September ? What was the first Bond film, hitting the screens in with Sean Connery playing ? How many Bond films did Roger Moore appear as ? In which Bond film did the character Tee Hee appear in ? Which Bond film was released in ? Which actor was James Bond before Daniel Craig, making four films as ? Levi Strauss Philipp Reis Konrad Zuse Emil Berliner Fritz Pfleumer Manfred von Ardenne Christian Buschmann Which currency did the Euro replace in Ireland?

In which year did Euro coins and banknotes enter circulation?

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What is the diameter of a current two pence coin in the United Kingdom — True or false: Denmark currently uses the Danish pound? What colour is the Euro note — green, red or blue?

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What is the currency of Brazil, currently using notes 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 1 was discontinued in ? What is the current currency of Japan? True or false: The half pence coin was demonetised in the UK in ? In which year in the UK was decimal day, decimalisation of British currency? D last letter R first letter J last letter S first letter W last letter P first letter G last letter Which board game consists of 40 spaces containing 28 properties, four railroads, two utilities, three Chance spaces, three Community Chest spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the four corner squares: GO, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail?

Which board game was created in by Whit Alexander and Richard Tait, it is a party board game based on Ludo?