Speechreading: A Way To Improve Understanding

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There are some things that get in the way of lip reading. When others can help you by making minor adjustments, don't be shy about speaking up and asking them for help. Let friends and family members know that they can help you by facing you, keeping their mouths uncovered and choosing a well-lit room to talk in. Your ability to speechread is affected by various factors.

Speechreading: A Way to Improve Understanding

Learn about them so you can make adjustments or improvements in the factors you have control over. Thus, if you know that your verbal short term memory is a bit lacking, you can do brain-training games online that help improve that skill. You can also continue to practice lip reading. Once you get to know a particular person better, it should come easier to you. Gallaudet University offers a wealth of resources to help you improve your lip reading.

Speechreading- A Way to Improve Understanding

You can also check out various YouTube videos with tips and tactics from others with hearing loss. Side Menu. Latest news Diplacusis: Understanding 'double' hearing Sometimes called "double hearing," diplacusis is a form of hearing loss that causes our ears to hear sounds so differently it creates a disturbing two-sound experience. Read more Buyer beware: Hearing amplifiers are not hearing aids The price of personal sound amplification devices PSAP may be tempting, but using them in place of hearing aids may be damaging to your hearing health.

Great book with tons of activity ideas and education.

There aren't a lot of speechreading resources out there and even though this one is older, its great! July 31, - Published on Amazon. I haven't delved into this book yet, but from the Index it looks like all I need is this and practice.

Speechreading, A Way to Improve Understanding

All I did was google lip reading at Amazon and they were on their way. Thank you, Amazon. January 7, - Published on Amazon. This book is intended to help in Oral Transliteration.

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I read this text for an OT course several years ago, and I still find myself using some of the principles regularly. I never had a chance to take that certification exam, but I bet it wouldn't hurt.

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I feel that it would help anyone who communicates with someone who is hard of hearing or deaf who DOES NOT use any kind of signed language. It gives all kinds of tips about gestures and rephrasing, using key words. Say a friend is going deaf, and you notice they aren't understanding you as well as before, this book could help you. A member of my family has lost much of his hearing, and I use some of the tips in this book to help him understand me. There are tons of exercises in the back- but they require having a partner who can read without voicing the sentences, so you pick up on how to speechread them.

It is an excellent book for late-deafened adults, families and friends, parents of children with hearing loss, and professionals and students.

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