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In addition, senior art students, working with oils, pastels, charcoal and water colors, have presented art works to the library to add to a permanent collection. Students enter various art contests under the sponsorship of the Art Department, and often secure publication of their work in local newspapers. Invitations were sent to A and B art stu- dents who had one or more years of high school art. Art classes enable students to develop their talents.

Kuokka instructs her students in art techniques. LOYE M.

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Stein and a student demonstrate a wrestling maneuver. The nine teachers of this department provide Wakefield boys in the tenth and eleventh grade with healthful physical exercise and with training in the rules and skills of nu- merous athletic activities.

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The boys have a spacious gymnasium and are well supplied with gymnastic apparatus including trampoline, horizontal bars, suspension rings, parallel bars, and numerous other pieces of equipment. With Mr. Stein as its chairman, the department instructs boys in such out- door sports as soccer, touch football, softball, and track while sophomores are given, in addition to their athletic training, courses in civil defense and first aid. Wrestling Coach MR. At Wakefield, physical education is provided for sophomore and junior girls by a seven-teacher staff.

In their one semester of health study, sophomores are ex- posed to units in personal analysis and in first aid.

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Junior students re- ceive instructions in these sports for the entire year, and seniors, though they are not scheduled for actual phy- sical education, may participate in the afternoon intra- mural program. Dee Dee Hickman prepares to serve the badminton shuttlecock. Special Education Students in the Special Education department follow a course in pre-vocational study.

Miss Elizabeth Mc- Cumber administers instruction to fourteen- and fifteen- year-old students, and Mr. Jack Banks, to those be- tween the ages of sixteen and twenty.


In the classroom thirty-one students at Wakefield learn the more prac- tical, everyday aspects of English and mathematics, and they study Virginia history and government with par- ticular emphasis on our own county system. Miss Me- Clinic Mrs. Helen Trusch, a Registered Nurse, and Mrs. Students who volunteer for service are trained to act as assistants during their free periods. The primary function of both clinics is treatment of slight illness and of cases requiring emergency first aid; to insure adequate medical facilities Wakefield has a consulting doctor come in once a week.

Another duty of the clinic is the giving of the annual height, weight, and vision tests to all Wakefield students. In adidition, all sophomores undergo two hearing tests. Besides attend- ing to the needs of about students every week, Mrs. Trusch and her assistant occasionally find time to pre- pare attractive bulletin boards and displays with a health theme.

Banks de- votes three periods to instruction; but all special educa- tion students are not in class the entire time because of their participation in physical education and in vari- ous electives, such as general math, typing, art, chorus, home economics, and industrial arts.

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The older students attend a vocational workshop at the George Mason Oc- cupational Training Center, temporarily located in the basement of the Farlington Elementary School. A student undergoes a twelve-week trial period during which his individual habits and at- titudes are determined; he is taught good basic work habits, and is then introduced to the line of work for which he is best suited. Diane Lewis fills out a clinic card as Pat Creekmore checks into the clinic. Secretaries MRS.

As manager of the staff and secretary to Dr. Wilson, Mrs. Zabawa begins work at A. Fletcher, secretary to the deans, and Mrs. Dow- den, treasurer. Davies has much to do with stu- dent activities as Mr. Parker su- pervises the central attendance system; Mrs. Walton works with the guidance department; Mrs. Hawk operates the switchboard; Mrs.

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Gardner is a cataloguer in the library; and Mrs. Hobbes handles secretarial duties at the Annex. A part of the staff works at school all year long, for Mrs. Zaba- wa, Mrs. Dowden, Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Stout remain for summertime obligations. All sizes! Tony Scogno and Art Vieregg take the pause that refreshes.


Dick Wertime pores over his trig. Dottie Clements and Dor- othy Lucas relax in the senior court. Discussion League 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Right: Three heads are better than one. Discussion League 4.

Lunch welcomed "I just took a bite out of my physics book! Dixon, debate coach. Discussion League Treasurer 4. Discussion League 4; Choir 4; Wakefield Singers 4. Warriors The unseen, unsung decorators. Dave Golden inspects a college catalog in the library. Carol Sue Perry and Bill Woessner investigate an old auto. Art Vieregg and Annette Franklin settle their differences in the senior court. Wilson gives class president Jim Hamasaki some words of counsel. Cumins assists an art student. Discussion League 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Ser- geant-at-Arms 4. Dis- cussion League 4; Great Books Club 2, 3, 4.

Outdoor Track 2, 3, 4; In- door Track 3, 4.

Loel Schaaf exercises his persuasive powers on Suzy Crump. DifTenbaugh, government teacher, enjoys Bermuda Day as much as any student. Cumins will let me get back the deposit on these hot ties. Lively fans travel to Manassas for a football game. Did you notice that cute Falls Church cheerleader? I caught that cockroach! Fenton, Latin teacher.