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Ulukau: Nānā i ke kumu (Look to the source). Vol. I

The action of one human being upon another, from a distance, is a scientific fact ; it is as certain as the existence of Paris, of Napoleon, of Oxygen, or of Sirius. Tbe transformation of a psy- J chic action into an ethereal movement, and the ra-l verse, may be analagous to what takes place on a J telephone, where the receptive plate, which is idea tical with the plate at tbe other end, reconstructs thi sonorous movement transmitted, not hy means of Kound, but by electricity. The term "Mentative Induction" will be readily understood by those familiar with the phenomena of electricity.

The word "induction" comes from the word "in- duce," which means "to influence," In electrical science the word induction is used in the sense of "the process whereby one body possessing magnetic or electrical properties reproduces that property in another body without direct contact.

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An iron nail, or steel needle, is held a little distance below the magnet so that it will not actually touch the latter but will be near enough to be magnetized by "induction," that is, without direct contact. This induced magnetism renders the nail, or needle, a magnet, possessing all the properties of the original magnet, so long as the current flows.

And, just as a magnet may communicate its prop- erties by induction so may an electrified body com- municate electrical states in another body without actual contact. The text-books are full of examples to illustrate this law. The machinery of the mentative proc- esses and activities being hidden from physical sight, we may understand these processes and activi- ties better by using the illustration of correspond- ing physical processes and activities— particularly when the correspondences are more than mere re- semblances, being operations of the same underlying natural laws.

For this reason, the illustration or symbol of wire less- telegraphy will help us to under- stand telementation ; and electrical or magnetic in- duction will help us to understand the phenomena of mentative induction. And, now let us pass on to a consideration of the activities and manifestations of Mind-Power, in its phases of telementation and mentative induction, in living creatures, beginning with the lower animals. In some way they hecoine ' ' aware ' ' of these things — how, man does not know. Moreover they are pos- sessed of the power of motion, and exert their will in the direction of moving from place to place.

Some of these forms of life, when viewed imder even a strong microscope are seen to move by gliding from place to place, apparently at will, and with no per- eeptihle employment of organs of motion such as false-feet, fins, etc. They seem simply to move by pure will. How do they do this!

How do they be- come aware of the approach of other creatures, with- out' sense-organs, or the rudiments of the samef It seems that mentation and telementation are mani- fested here. Rising higher in the scale, we find many insects seemingly endowed with the faculty of becoming aware of the presence of other insects at distances so great as to render the ordinary senses of no avail.

Students of ant-life relate many remarkable in- stances of this kind. Ants at a distance seem to be able to communicate with their fellows, summoning assistance, and directing the movements of ant- armies. A professor in an American university has related that upon one occasion he met with an in- stance of telementation on the part of a colony of ants.

He stated that he had placed a breeding cage of ants inside of a stone house, the latter having walls sixteen inches thick, "with no windows and but one door, the latter being so sealed and protected that 46 MIND-POWER! When approaching this house for the pan pose of studying the progress of his ant colony, would notice that other ants had collected on the o' side of the walls, and were running about trying t get through the stone blocks.

Many other instances of the poaj session of the power of telemeotation on the part c ants have been noted.

Another authority relates that a pair of foreig] moths were brought to England. There were no otheJ moths of that kind in the country. The female moth was placed i a. In the morning, much to the entoij mologist's surprise, he found the male moth clingic to the tiny cage which contained the female. It v the same male, undoubtedly, for in size, coloring, b pearanee, etc.

Similar experiments have been conducted with insects, and there is held to be ample grounds for believing that insects attract their mates by means of some naental power beyond the range of the ordinary senses. Schools of fish seem to have some method of in- stantaneous communication between the individual fishes composing them, for the entire school moves from side to side, turning sharply, etc. Some scientists have held that many of the lower animals who live in groups, schools, etc.

There is undoubtedly communica- tion over distance of the cells of the blood in animals, and the phenomenon of the school of fish, just noted, may be analogous — at any rate, there is some sort of distant mental communication between the individual fishes. The same phenomenon is noted among flocks of birds, as many know who have witnessed the flights of large numbers of birds of different kinds. Wild animals undoubtedly have some subtle sense whereby they find each other when separated by long distances.

The return of cats and dogs who have been carried miles from home— and the return of birds to their original places, after their migrations, may have a similar explanation— there may be subtle vibra- tions from places, people, and objects, which the ani- mals sense at a distance. That animals exert a mental control over their 48 MIND-POWER fellows by some form of manifestation of " Power, there seems to be but little doubt among t familiar with the ways of animals, particularly oi wild animals. McFarlane, in a recent magazine article on the subject of "Bad Aniuials," says: "Put two male baboons into the same cage, and they will open their mouths, show all their teeth, and 'blow' at each other.

But one of thera, even though he may possess the uglier dentition, will blow with a difference, with an inward shakiness that marks him for the under dog at once. No test of battJe is needed at all. It is the satie with the big eats. Put two, or four, or a dozen lions in together, and they also, probably with- out a single contest, will soon discover which one of them possesses the mtttle of the master. Thereafter, he takes the choice of the meat; if be chooses, the rest shall not even begin to eat until he has finished; he goes first to the fresh pan of water.

In short, he is 'king of the cage. This mental fascination, among the animals, manifests along two lines, viz. These cases are capa- ble of liberal illustration and proof, and natural his- tory affords ns full authority for accepting the same. I recently read an account of a naturalist, who re- lated that one day in a tropical country be noticed a winged insect circling around and around a scorpion. After a bit, the insect made a series of desperate plunges at the scorpion, as if in a frantic desire to terminate the charm; the scorpion soon striking down the insect, and afterwards devouring it.

It is related by travelers that when one comes suddenly in the presence of a lion, tiger, or leopard, his legs seem paralyzed, and the eyes of the beast seem to exert a peculiar fascination and power over him. I have seen a mouse manifest the same emotion in the presence of a eat; and the same is true of a rat in the presence of a ferret, or similar enemy. On the other hand, every observer has noticed the won.

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If you have ever witnessed the courting of a bird, during the mating season, you will have a keen sense of the reality of the power employed. One of the birds, and it may be either a male or female, will be seen to actually "fascinate" or "charm" the one of the op- posite ses, the latter lying still with quivering wings, 50 MIND-POWER and a helpless expression in its eyes. When com- pared with the attitude of the same bird, when charmed by a serpent, the resemblance will be striking.

I have before me a book written in , which re- lates quite a number of instances of the operation of mental fascination among the lower animals. I will give you a few of them, condensed, and abbreviated. Silliman is quoted as stating that one day, while crossing the Hudson Eiver, at Catskill, he passed along a narrow road with the river on one side, and a steep bank, covered by bushes, on the other side. His attention was attracted by the sight of a number of birds, of a variety of species, who were flying for- ward and backward across the road, turning and wheeling in strange gyrations, and with noisy chirp- ings, seemingly centering over a particular point of the road.

Upon examination the professor found an enormous blacksnake, partly coiled, and partly erect, showing an appearance of great animation, with his eyes flashing like a brilliant diamond, and his tongue darting in and out. The snake was the center of the motion of the birds.

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The professor adds that al- though the snake disappeared in the bushes, fright- ened at the approach of the men, still the birds seemed too dazed to escape, and perched on the near- by bushes, evidently awaiting the reappearance of their "charmer. The bird described gradually decreasing circles around the snake, at the same time uttering piteous cries. It seemed almost ready to drop into the jaws of the snake, when the man drove off the latter, when the bird arose with a song of joy.

Another case is related of a ground-squirrel, which was observed running to-and-fro between a creek and a large tree a few yards distant. The squirrel's fur was badly ruffled, and he exhibited fright and dis- tress. Investigation disclosed the head and neck of a rattlesnake, protruding from the bole of the tree, and pointing directly at the squirrel.

The poor squirrel at last gave up the fight, and yielding to the fascination, laid himself down with his head very close to the snake's mouth. The snake then pro- ceeded to swallow the squirrel, when his meal was interrupted with a cut of a carriage whip in the hands of the observer, and the squirrel, released from the spell, ran briskly away. Good is quoted as having made quite a study of the curious fascinating power that rattlesnakes mani- fest over small animals, such as birds, squirrels, young liares, etc.

He relates that these animals seem inca- pable of drawing their eyes away from those of the enake, and, although seemingly struggling to get away, they still gradually approach the snake, as though urged toward him, or attracted by a power superior to their natural instincts. The traveler shot the snake, but upon pieki up the bird, he found it dead— killed either by fear!

He measured the distaj between the snake and the bird and found it to J three and one-half feet. The mouse, finally, actually entered 1 jaws of the viper, and was devoured. He says, "I have constantly observed tliat however lively the viper was before, upon being seized by any of these barbarians, be seemed as if taken with siukness and feebleness, and frequently would shut his eyes, and would never turn his mouth toward the arm that held him.

When I was a boy, in Maryland, I knew of a farm- hand who was called a "snake-charmer. This man gen- erally carried a few pet snakes around with him for company. They seemed perfectly contented, and would poke their heads up from out of his pockets, in order to look at some one else with whom he might be talking.

The negroes on the farm had a mortal terror of this man, and would walk a couple of miles rather than pass by his house. The power of charming animals, dogs and wild- beasts is undoubtedly possessed by some men, in varying degrees. And nearly everyone has known of men who could "charm" the wildest horses, as if by magic. I have read of some burglars who seemed able to quiet the most ferocious watch-dogs.

The MIND-POWEE Swedish writer, Lindecrantz, tells of certain nativi of Lapland who are possessed of some process charming dogs, to such an extent that they have bi known to cow the most savage great-hound, him to fly from them- with all the signs of abject feai Many of my readers have seen, or heard of, the horBJ "whisperers" found in various parts of the connti who win shut themselves in a stable with a fieri horse, and by "whispering" to him will manage tame him completely, and make him passive to thei will. One of these cases relates the man was walking in his garden when he denly came into the presence of a snake whose ejt gleamed in a peculiar manner.

He found himself 1 cinated, as if by a spell, and unable to withdraw eyes from those of the creature. The snake, stated afterward, seemed to begin to increase mensely in size, and assumed, in rapid succession, mixture of brilliant colors.

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He grew dizzy and woi Lave fallen in the direction of the snake, had not wife approached, throwing her arms about him, i breaking the spell.