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Watch children playing together — they never notice skin colour, religious inclinations, or any other difference.

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It is all taken in their stride in a practical manner. It is adults who impose restrictions. It is a fact that the rainforests of the world are, in a sense, the guardians of the world.

They absorb carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen for us to breathe. They provide us with shelter, food, and medicines, yet we are destroying them at the rate of fifty football pitches a minute - for every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. When all the rainforests with their rich diversity of life have gone, what then?

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What will become of our planet? Although he is thoroughly enjoying his football with Swindon , one of his biggest frustrations is that people continue to question whether someone with his upbringing possesses the hunger and desire to succeed in the game.

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Not everyone is motivated in the same way or by the same things. Doughty smiles when it is put to him that the football industry can be a brutal place, especially for someone who stands out from the crowd.

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It was hilarious and at the time it really was a good leveller for me. Over the course of an enjoyable hour-long chat, Doughty tells some lovely stories about his father, who was a lifelong Forest supporter. Four months later, he was found dead in the gymnasium at his home in Lincolnshire after having a heart attack.

Forests Give Us So Much

I think it was a small minority but it still had quite a strong impact on him. And then afterwards we had this outpouring of love.

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For Doughty, who has an elder sister, Helena, and two younger brothers, Sean and Lucas, it has taken time to adjust to life without his father. I just try to do my best. As the interview draws to a close and Doughty prepares to head back to the flat he shares in London with his fiancee, Anoushka, he wants to add one more thing in relation to his father.

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So I genuinely always feel quite lucky and grateful.