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The album also featured music not heard in the finished film. Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote that the story was "a rather obvious and often-told tale The performances of the entire cast are superior, and throughout the action an overtone of suspense and terror, tinged with touches of deep human interest and appealing romance, is sustained.

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Fortunately, the English expert hasn't forgotten any of his tricks. He still has a nice regard for supplementary characters, and he uses everything from train whistles to grand orchestral crescendos to maintain excitement at a shrill pitch All in all, you'd better see this one. Spellbound placed fifth on Film Daily ' s annual poll of critics across the United States naming the best films of the year.

After the film's release, it broke every record in London, in both famous theaters, Pavilion and Tivoli Strand , for a single day, week, month, holiday and Sundays. On two occasions, Spellbound was adapted for the radio program Lux Radio Theater , each time starring Joseph Cotten : the first on March 8, , the second on January 25, It was parodied in the Mel Brooks film High Anxiety.

The original release is now out of print. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are a number of films entitled Spellbound; for the full list check the disambiguation page.

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Simon and Schuster. De Capo Press. Retrieved 5 October Intrada Records. Retrieved October 21, The New York Times. Retrieved March 10, New York: Variety, Inc. November 3, The New Yorker. Film Daily. The Miami News. Turner Classic Movies. This audio file was created from a revision of the article " Spellbound film " dated , and does not reflect subsequent edits to the article. Audio help. More spoken articles. Given their backgrounds as officers of her fan club, the extensive duties listed in the agreement began with responsibilities that drew on their related skills, in order to help them secure green cards: "Answering fan mail; preparing biographies and news releases for newspapers and magazines; writing newsletters; attending to social business and personal affairs of employer; conferring with employer on contemplated social functions; managing financial affairs of household including all bookkeeping responsibility; assist in care of employer's dogs.

You had to cook for the dogs. You never opened a can. You had to make brown rice and ground beef, or cubed chicken and vegetables. It was a daily ritual.

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Once, while they were there, another British-fan-club officer, Sydney Wood, accepted Smith's open-ended invitation to spend his vacation in Beverly Hills. After Wood's father died in England, two years later, he accepted the offer. By then the dogs were taking up more and more of Smith's and Andrew's time, and they needed the extra set of hands.

Day's dream of a personal organization that would look after the needs of animals became a reality with the formation of the Doris Day Pet Foundation, in Its principal goal was "to assist humane organizations by providing funds where they are most needed for the welfare of animals. I was on the phone all the time," recalled Andrew. It was rather small at first, run from the home, without any office or anything.

But it was extremely time-consuming. There were days when I was constantly on the phone dealing with pet-foundation things, and didn't have time for anything else. Day and Comden made at least 20 trips to Carmel before they found the perfect setting for their new home, late in It was a acre hilltop expanse offering spectacular vistas of Carmel Valley. A friend in real estate explained that the land belonged to a woman who had no interest in selling.

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The existing estate included a house perched up on a cliff, much of which Day and Comden tore down in the course of putting up their own complex of buildings. In addition to a guesthouse and yet another house for the dogs—with its own kitchen—Day built a spectacular, glass-encased bedroom cottage with a cathedral ceiling.

But Day's marriage to Comden ended long before construction on her dream house was finished. The couple separated in August of that year. Wood, who by then had moved into North Crescent Drive, remembered that Comden would return to the house late at night, despite the crumbling marriage.

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Over dinner one evening, Day divulged to Paul Brogan, a childhood fan of hers who had become a friend and confidant, at least one reason she continued to see Comden after they had supposedly broken up. Having met a number of Brogan's potential boyfriends, Day was discussing his problems maintaining a relationship and asked him what he looked for in a man. After Brogan's litany of positive qualities, Day, sipping her third Dewar's on the rocks, said, "Don't you also think he should be well hung?

You know, Barry was, and it made up for a lot of other deficiencies.

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Though Day's separation from Comden had become public knowledge, the couple spent the better part of a year trying to reconcile their differences. But to all evidence, Day was deeply ambivalent about Comden and may have been tolerating him because, with Terry abroad in London, she needed someone to look after her increasingly complex financial matters. In addition to the construction in Carmel, ongoing court battles with Jerome Rosenthal suddenly required renewed attention.

Rosenthal, however, continues to dispute the ruling, and he has charged that his insurance company settled with Miss Day behind his back. Thus his appeal continues in the 2nd District Court of Appeal. Smith moved out a short time later. By mid-July, the stressful revival of Day and Comden's marriage was collapsing anew, and what Day would later call "the biggest mistake of my life" was about to come to its end.

Since his attempts as a record producer in England hadn't amounted to much, Terry was soon back managing his mother's affairs. Wood observed, "If Terry had not come back, it's possible that she would have stayed with Barry for a bit longer, because she had no one else. Day and her staff moved to Carmel in November of that year. Carmel immediately became Day's fortress, her refuge.

She had the love of the dogs and cats, and all the plants and flowers, which she adored. And she didn't have to get dressed up.

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Once she felt comfortably situated in her new home, Day consented to giving interviews again, apparently in a low-key effort to maintain her stardom. In contrast to the person the tabloids had been describing as a "bitter recluse" and a "ragged and disgusting old lady," he found the year-old Day "as healthy and radiant and beautiful and chic as when last I had seen her. And, incredibly, looking not a day older. In , actor and television producer Jimmy Hawkins proposed a sequel to Pillow Talk.

Let's get Doris involved right away. Changes were made according to her wishes, and Hawkins even secured the approval of an executive at Universal.