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For Kirkpatrick, "The great- est personal challenge [of making Over the Hedge] was trying to be a good, responsible writer-director over such a long timespan while at the same time trying to be a good, responsible husband-father," he reports. Each day started with the question, 'Who will I disappoint today? Where do I start? I learned so much, from the fundamentals of computer animation to camera work, lighting, mixing sound.

But mostly I would say I took another huge leap in the realization of how important visual storytelling is in film. How to see it rather than say it. And pace! Pace, pace, pace. Brevity isn't just the soul of wit, it's the soul of storytelling as well.

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If movies are too long, it's because it's very hard to say all you want to say in a short amount of time. And you can check my cell phone bill for evidence of that. My daughter walks around the house saying, 'Oh great and powerful Steve! What do you want!? But they're pretty unimpressed with what I do.

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They think everyone's dad makes movies and come to think of it, where I live — just about everyone's dad doesl. I'm not sure I can take [someone else's] material and go off and interpret it. With movies like Hitchhiker's, Chicken Run and Charlotte's Web, my partnership with the director is so tight that I'm still at the cre- ative epicenter, which is where I want to be.

The thrill for me is to stay on, be involved and create something of which I'm truly proud. Rossio and Elliott had been trying for some time to convince Disney to turn the popular Disneyland park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, into a film. The pair wanted to cram their picture with every possible pirate idea from movies of the past, and also, for the first time, include a great many fantastic ele- ments. Finally, Disney gave in — and the movie was a smash hit.

However, Rossio admits, "There was a period of exhaustion during which any men- tion of a sequel would be snarled upon. I don't think anybody thought of it until after the first five days of grosses came in. If you've done it all, what do you do next? Of course, the story is going to be that we had planned for three all along — but in truth, that wasn 't the case.

But happily, we discovered that was not the case, and with some casting about, it Most of the main cast from the first Pirates returns for the sequel, including heroic young lovers Will Turner Orlando Bloom and Elizabeth Swann Keira Knightley , turned out that there was much more to be dis- covered in that world. We would have done it without them, but That's hard on the second movie, because that film has to resonate from the first and set up the third, and yet also stand alone.

You don't want to undermine anything that hap- pened in the first movie, and you're looking to , extend some of the themes, and then you need Jto pay off everything in the third. The first Pirates involved a shipful of ghostly swashbucklers led by Geoffrey Rush who isn't back for this adventure ; Dead Man 's Chest features Davy Jones Bill Nighy and his underwater minions, once men but now something else. Who is Davy Jones?

But nobody really knows who the captain of The Flying Dutchman was. Historically speaking, you could come up with a number of origins of the name — some guy actually named Davy Jones who shanghaied sailors, to a corruption of 'The Devil' But there's nothing definite, so we thought it was fair to take the name that had no story and put it together with the story that had no name.

You don't have that in the second film, and so to match that charm is difficult. Usually, the reason they make a trilogy is because the first one has that 'movie pixie dust' on it.

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So the hardest thing is just trying to recapture lightning in a bottle. I know I'm speaking as though Pirates was somehow magical or masterful, but something special happened on the first one, and getting back to that in the second and third was tough. There are all sorts of ways to deliver something to the audi- ence that they haven't seen and still satisfy the fact that they really want to see Jack Sparrow [Depp]. What they want, actually, is to see Jack in new situations. So even though Jack was acting selfishly, he was kind of on the side of our heroes. One is a lifetime of servi- tude aboard The Flying Dutchman'' And the others?

Shudder at the thought. Now what? It was tough, until we hit upon the idea that these guys have been underwater for quite a period of time, and have started to get a bit encrusted and take on aspects of different sea creatures — as you can see with Jones himself. One skeleton tends to resemble another, but a guy who looks like a lobster isn't at all similar to the guy who's a hammerhead.

With an undead crew of waterlogged buccaneers who echo different sea creatures. That discord was one of several new twists scribes Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott added to this adventure. Might as well throw the first one in there as well," the writer smiles. He was defi- nitely a third collaborator on both scripts. The actor collaborated with the screenwriters to shape the colorful character for the pair of follow-ups. Our response has always been to demonstrate the rules — they need not be stated. Gremlins ruined that with their [explicitly stated] guide- lines. Yes, Davy Jones' crew have magical properties, but we don't discuss them.

But it's hard to recapture that stunned quality of 'What the hell am I looking at?

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He actu- ally sustains through a rather elaborate charac- ter design. These are ensemble movies, and we introduce new characters as well. I bow down before the casting people. But while writing the sequels, Rossio and Elliott discovered there were plenty of uncharted waters to explore. He knows the character, came up with great stuff and we used it.

Johnny catch- es us when we fall short or deviate, maybe, from where things should be — particularly with the dialogue and physicality. We collabo- rated a great deal with Johnny, and it was great. I think it's special to him because of Pirates' popularity and the fact that he has kids. Johnny has often said that Jack is a character he likes to keep in his back pocket even in his day-to- day life. I see Jack as someone who has an odd and enormous faith in the world about him, because he has learned that all he must do is wait it out and eventually the world will come around to help him.

No matter what trouble he gets in, his confidence stems from the belief that if he creates enough chaos and just hangs around long enough, the world will cut him a break.

The Zombies of Mesmer

There's a power to their story, and they're access char- acters into this world. They perform a different function, but a very important one. Without characters to identify with, the fantastic would only be a kaleidoscope lacking any emotional resonance. She may be the Audrey Hepburn of her generation.

There wasn't a line, a moment or an action where she didn't com- pletely nail it. I like to say that if you had to have somebody pick up a salt shaker, and Keira picked it up, that would be the perfect way to pick up a salt shaker.

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Nobody could ever pick up a salt shaker better than that — she's that amazing. You really can't play any of the cliches. It's one of the key visuals," he says. And there's a rolling cage made of bones that the characters get trapped in, which I don't think has ever been done before.