Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader Extraordinary Book of Facts: And Bizarre Information (Bathroom Readers)

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The boy from troy 3 : Correction, 2 would make great reading! The boy from troy 6 : Books devoid of illustrations or pictures are completely useless. Apart from these books, Great Illustrated Classics are great christmas gifts. El the erf 12 : So you read books only with illustrations?

And pictures? JFrater- Love the list, but may I humbly submit a suggestion? It is also the source of approx. Check it out. After all, if we liked that sort of thing, we would visit websites about that very topic…. BravehisTickle 10 : Because it is for people who wish to make an investigation into unusual facts, myths, etc. The two are virtually interchangeable these days with enquire being more common in British English and Enquire in American. Bob 15 : I will happily do so — I happen to be a great fan of Asimov! Did you know he died of AIDS?

Very sad. The boy from troy 14 : Coz Alice said so! Even if she says jump into the rabbit hole… with all my heart I will jump in! I was just thinking would inquisitive sound better.. I was disappointed. I got science. Nero played the lyre in general. Tacitus, however, asserts that Nero was in Antium at the time of the fire and that that the report of him playing and singing while the city burned was only rumor.

My mum usually buys me a book for Christmas and they often happen to be quite awful Da Vinci Code, shudder , maybe I should forward her this list. Great finds… just in time, too, as I start my Christmas shopping today! I already own 9 of the 11 listed. I knew there was a reason I liked this site. In a nutshell, first we declared independence — not yet a country, just an idea.

Then we fought to establish our independence — still not a country. Peyton Randolph was the first president of this — which was ceremonial and had no real power. The Continental Congress put forth the Articles of Confederation — our first constitution. The official ratification of this constitution is what actually made the U. Love this list!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Random Footnotes Pt. 2

That sounds perfect. That was a great read too. Cracked me up on how capers were almost pulled off by the not so bright. The one on the dumbest criminals?

I wanna read it now! Have about half of these on my bookshelf, will have to get the rest. Since I have to be a grown-up and pay bills and provide for my family I rarely have money to treat myself to something, once a year I do this: After I get my tax refund I pay some debts and put money in savings. I reward myself by putting some of that money aside and I buy books.

I go online and have a ball ordering books. I try to get pre-orders for the majority of them so that I get new books throughout the year and I look forward to getting something in the mail all year long. This year I am going to get a couple of these and explore books with the same topic. Thanks for the idea! They are all hilarious! Great list Jamie. The brilliant comic science fiction writer teams up with a biologist to visit locales with severely endangered species.

Sice I live in Peru I can only order books online every once in a while since I have to order quite a few at the same time to avoid shipping costs… The Listverse book has been on a wishlist since it came out and now I have a few more to add to that same order! Merry Christmas to me! And then, of course, have the delivery man hand it to me in a week! These books are tres fantastique! I have been struggling with my Christmas list this year and you just made it for me! Thanks Jamie!

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Davy 47 : I think there is a TV show with a similar name. Hosted by a couple of comedians that are … losers themselves. Very entertaining to watch. One was about a guy in London or thereabouts who robbed a little old lady in front of her home. He ended up dropping his wallet and she called the police to give it to them.

No lie.

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He locked himself in the bathroom to escape while the cat kept watch outside the door. He had to call the police to come rescue him. When they found him, he was bleeding and crying. Now i must get, like, a dozen of each. Thanks a bunch, Jamie, good job!

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I actually heard a story in the news a couple of months age that was very similar to one you just described, except it involved a chihuahua. Reminds me of a thief near where I grew up who planned to tie up a seventy year old farmer and then steal his belongings. The old farmer ended up getting stabbed once in the leg, but was still able to thrash the would-be thief into submission.

I want ALL of these books! Presidents, celebrities, styles of executions, plagues, and so forth. I figured you did not have it on this list, because you had not read it. Here is the Amazon. Okay guyzos, how about oxymoron and triple entendre… Sitting Bull Falls. An Incomplete Education is one of those books that belongs in every library. I have bought 4 copies myself, and each one has disappeared over time. I just keep replacing it. These books look sweet. Oh, yeah. Firstly, as Astraya says, there were no violins fiddles in ancient Rome. So what Nero played if he was playing anything during the fire was probably a lyre—or a kythera.

A lyre was made usually out of tortoise shell. In any case, while Nero was surely a GIGANTIC asshole in some ways worse than Caligula the more likely story, who reports it I forget just now was that Nero was away at his country villa, and when he heard Rome was on fire, he rushed back to oversee the control of it. Which of course may also be BS. I have a few of the books on the list including the Listverse one : , but I am definitely interested in buying some of the others. Great list, gives me a good idea of what I want for Christmas. Randall 78 : Randall 78 : Hmm randall you use english to explain an expression that Is general.

Im no expert thats true but i really dont think its a valid arguement. This reminds me of a series on the discovery channel when they tried to explain mosses crossing of the red sea. My question: so the bible was written in english and afterwards in all the languages of the earth. And this is a true story. Geesh some people are so dumb. Can a sex change boost your salary?

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Rosso 82 : That is the best idea I have heard in a while. Although the number one spot would obviously be pong. I can try and Google around online to see if I can find it. As to your Moses reference, my understanding was that it was somehow a mistranslation, not simply a matter of a letter being left out.

Maybe he was just out partying;. He was a party animal but dont eat mushrooms from him:. Again im not familiar with latin but fidelus seems related to what today is faithfull atleast in my language. Maybe he was faithfull to rome and just staid there crying: About the red sea thing. I dont know if in old semitic languages red and reed are paronymes but i really doubt it. I hate it when people use all possible means to distort a phenomenon so they get what they want.