Yogi and Johan, The Beginnings

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Together with fellow yogis around the world I did days of yoga, starting January 1:st I would do it again anytime! A Happy Yogi's Blog.

The Maharishi Maheshi Yogi

Just another Bikram-yogini writing about how the impossible becomes possible. Skip to content. Posted on August 21, by ahappyyogi. Hello fellow yogis who have followed this blog It has been a long time since I last wrote here. Did I go to teacher training? Will I ever go to teacher training?

The end is a new beginning. | A Happy Yogi's Blog

Maybe one day, but not now. Feeding the Real Me involves a lot of different things. First I need to eat the kind of foods that is good for me. My diet excludes everything that is or will become sugar in the body, it also excludes anything that is a substitute for these products. Then I need my step program and the knowledge about the disease addiction. Last but not least I need the yoga. Yoga is a great healer of the body and the mind. I wish you all the best that you can have in your life. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

Like this: Like Loading About ahappyyogi A yogini with a great interest in sailing. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. In addition to being a great teacher, he was incredibly tolerant of the fact that all of the women at New York Sports Club batted their eyelashes at him he was and is very happily married.

Johan was always talking about his inspiring teacher and mentor, Rama. As soon as Rama began chanting yesterday, I knew why she inspires so much devotion. In all, I found the class to be a little limited by the Yoga Works signature style—not enough flow for this energetic yogi—but I did appreciate the deep stretches, the long holds, the thoughtful words, and the handstand practice against the wall, with a partner, and lots of whining from me—I fight inversions tooth and nail! I woke up seriously sore, and continued to be grateful that trips home afford me a chance to vary my practice.

Thank you to Yoga Works for a complimentary class—I truly enjoyed it! Today and yesterday afternoon, it was straight back to my other practice: Orgo practice. This place is impressive! I snapped as many photos as I could before they yelled at me for it. Sorry, OA.

Still, I appreciate that they provide consumers with readily available raw, organic, and vegan foods. And the coconut yogurt sure is delicious. Totally scrumptious. While we were there, a very sweet CR reader named Natalie came over to the table. We chatted for a bit, and I thanked her for taking the time to introduce herself I love meeting readers!

Yogi and Johan: The Beginnings

I told her she must eat at Millennium for me. Many, many times. I love the idea of making yoga financially accessible to everyone, and appreciate that this studio makes it possible. The studio is on 38th street, so I walked home via Times Square, soaking up the sights and sounds. And I love the tourists, who remind me that people from all over the world enjoy their time in NYC as much as I do.

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Talk to you all from D. Rama is a great teacher!!! She was my meditation teacher when I did the hr teacher training at YogaWorks and she was just amazing!

Is that the Org. Ave on the UWS? I have to stop by on my way to Columbia! Love all your posts!!

I think the wrap could be watermelon radish? I saw some on Blythe Raw Live, they are larger than regular radishes. Looks yummy. I would appreciate any more insight into the comment problem. I often lose times the same comment. And thanks for the yoga recap-very helpful for thinking about where to go. Good luck studying! Awwww I love your last paragraph well, second to last one, technically! It does seem that a lot of New Yorkers hate Time Square for the very reason you like it — the tourists and the hustle and bustle.

As a tourist, I do love it, and I can imagine it to be stressful though.

Students so often miss really valuable alignment cues that can really make a difference to a posture because they are too busy getting caught up in internal dialogue. Listening to your teacher can also be a gem of a way to come back to the present moment and can help you let go of thoughts about your dinner or weekend plans. Okay I realise this is more of a luxury item than an essential requirement for a beginner yogi but if you invest in a decent mat then you might just be a little more motivated to practice more often.

Perhaps that means you do a couple of postures before your shower in the morning, or perhaps it means you will lie down in Childs Pose or Shavasana at the end of a busy day….

Join over , members and reach your personal goals together with the world's best teachers. Be Curious Becoming curious can help stop us falling into auto pilot mode with our practice. Perhaps that means you do a couple of postures before your shower in the morning, or perhaps it means you will lie down in Childs Pose or Shavasana at the end of a busy day… Hope these help! Feel free to share your tips in the comments section below. Explore more reads. Pick your free program The 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.

The 28 Day Yoga for Beginners Program.

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